Thursday, October 25, 2007


Caroline McKenzie Klug was 1 lb and 6 ounces.She was 12 inches long. She
looked so much like her daddy. She had big ears and big feet! She had
Nick's mouth too. She would have probably been 8 lbs or more if she had
made it full term. She was really a beautiful little girl and we got to be
with her for about two hours. She was dressed in a little crocheted dress
and hat given to us by the hospital with the symbolic butterfly on it.

The doctors found that Caroline died of a cord accident. Her cord was twisted many times very close to where it was connected to her body. (The best analogy is to think of a kink in a hose.)One nurse who has practiced for 37 years says that she had never seen anything like this twisting of the cord and said that Caroline must have been doing spinning gymnastics to cause this. Every one of the nurses were wonderful and so compassionate to us. Our reverend, Rick Gray, who married us last year, baptized Caroline.

Although it is so very hard to understand why this happened when Caroline
was so perfect, the presence of God was with us every step of the way and I
truly accept his decision. We are doing fine and just ask that you say many
prayers for us and for our family during this time. We were all given God's
strength to cherish and love this special child for the small amount of time
she was with us. We know He will help us through the weeks and months to