Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy

It was a great Father's Day! We went to church and then to "Gramps'" house for crabs. Since I cannot keep up with the blog as much as I would like to, I am posting pictures here.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Blessings

First I must apologize for becoming a total slacker at blogging. I keep meaning to write and then... a week has passed and I forget.

Many of my very dear friends have had babies these last months. Shelley, who I have known since elementary school, had her baby boy, Ethan 17 days before Brooks. Cathy had her baby girl, Grace, on May 1st. And yesterday, my dear friend Kelly had a baby girl, Lyla. It is an undescribable feeling to know the same friend you went to Toga parties with, shared your first apartment with, and road-tripped all the way to Key West with will now be on the journey of motherhood with you too. It just makes me so happy to know that we will be able to watch our kids grow up together!!! Thank you Lord for these blessings, these beautiful babies!