Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Waiting Game....

So last Friday was my last day of work. So my week has consisted of a lunch date with mom, dinner with friends, a hair appointment, grocery shopping and making some returns. I have stocked the house with literally every comfort food you can think of (think ding dongs and fritos:) and worn in all my comfiest sweats. I have also watched every baby show that there is on the TV. At my appointment yesterday, I was still 1 cm. I expressed my increasing anxieties to the doctor and although she was sympathetic she was also quite candid and realistic about what is likely to happen. Due to the lack of progress and the fact that I have not had any contractions it looks like the waiting game will continue. While you never know what could happen from day to day the doctor said it is likey I will be induced if things do not progress on their own. Oh, and they don't like to induce before 42 weeks! Ugh! That would mean sitting here for 3 more weeks. So 5 more days until my due date and my next appointment. At that time we will see how things are going and if nothing has changed an induction date will be set. I left there with tears in my eyes and a Rx for Zoloft in hand. Nick put it perfectly... Gone are the days that hearing the heartbeat is "good enough". So why am I so disappointed when knowing he is healthy and not 'due' yet should be enough to ease my mind? For me it is the fact that we are soooo close but yet it seems so far away. The hours and days tick by like an eternity. Until I hold that boy in my arms it is still very surreal that this is actually going to happen and that everything is going to be ok this time. God grant me patience...and get this boy to come soon!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I had my 38 week appointment today. I am one centimeter dilated. Tomorrow is my last day of work and then it's all a waiting game from here on out! Will keep you posted!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An article featuring.... me:)

An article from the March of Dimes Maryland-National Capital
Area Chapter's Newsletter
The Power to Help Save Babies is at Your Fingertips

NICU doctors and nurses have tools at their fingertips to help save babies. So do you. The Online Fundraising Tool (OFT) allows walkers to raise hundreds to thousands of dollars—all from their desktop or laptop computer. Jessica Klug of Baltimore, Md., used OFT in 2008 and she raised $1,724. “I think the [OFT] Web site looks great,” she told Jennifer Tarr, community director in the Central Maryland Division office in Baltimore. “That is how I did all of my fundraising last year—online.”

Jessica served as team captain for her first-year family team, Team Angel Baby, which raised $9,832. The team raised more than 60 percent of its funds online.

Team Angel Baby was one of the top teams in the March of Dimes Maryland-National Capital Area Chapter. Jessica shared a few secrets of her success so this year’s walkers and teams could raise much-needed funds and help more babies:

1. “I placed March for Babies widgets and badges on my blog and Facebook page.”
The March of Dimes has developed badges, widgets and banners to help you show your support of March for Babies. These items can be used in your e-mails and on your blog, Facebook page or MySpace page to help promote the event and your fundraising efforts. Even the official March for Babies logo is available for use on your Web site, in personal and company newsletters or on a team T-shirt to help you promote March for Babies. To download these items, please visit

“Jessica did a great job in utilizing the social networking tools provided by the March of Dimes to recruit walkers and inform her team about the walk and the important mission of the March of Dimes,” said Tarr.

2. “I walked in memory of my daughter, who was stillborn in October 2007.”
Jessica told her supporters she was walking in memory of her daughter. Your personal and team OFT pages have space for pictures and text to explain why you’re walking. Perhaps you’re also walking in memory of a child, or to celebrate the birth of a child—one born healthy or too soon. Tell your supporters why you’re walking and that they’re welcome to join you or form their own team.

3. “I had a huge outpouring of support from my family and friends.”
Jessica raised all of her money online. Her donors gave anywhere from $20 to $100. And thanks to OFT, she could reach donors who lived across the street or across the country. Her friends saw her fundraising badge when they read her e-mails and her Facebook and blog visitors saw her March for Babies widgets. The badges and widgets allowed friends and family to donate online effortlessly and immediately. The average walker who uses OFT raises more than double the amount of a walker who doesn’t use OFT.

If you’re part of a family or corporate team, your team captain will thank you for using OFT. Team captains whose members use OFT have less cash and checks to submit on Bank Day or Walk Day, can track all of their walkers and amounts raised, and can communicate easily with walkers about upcoming activities, special promotions and your team’s fundraising goal.

Please visit to register for March for Babies and utilize the OFT to meet your fundraising goals and help more babies.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer Request

Dear Lord,
I am growing quite anxious to meet this little one. I know 4 more weeks doesn't seem so long, but each day seems to be dragging on like an eternity. Please help me to be patient as I wait for this miracle to arrive.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

I know the saying goes...

"April showers bring May flowers." but in my case I hope it is "February showers bring March BABY!!!!"

I am soooooooo very blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. We were truly showered with love!