Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Coming Out

Well, I finally shared my thoughts by telling everyone about the blog.
I feel like I just came out of the closet- or cocoon I should say...
Anyway, here are some of the beautiful comments that I have received through email. I will keep the writer's identities anonymous ;) just in case they mind. (Hope they don't mind though!) I am so blessed to have so many people who care about me and I truly appreciate all of your prayers.

These words sure made me feel better, so I hope whomever is reading this will too.

"When you do get through this (by "get through" I don't mean "get over", I mean learn how to live again) you will realize just how strong and beautiful you really are. How God knows your strength, and he has grand plans for you! Your life has been forever changed by Caroline, or shall I say forever blessed...I honestly think that Caroline is up there watching over you, rooting for you and when you feel that calm wash over you once in a while, it is probably her. When you see a butterfly, when you smell a flower, see the sunrise or a rainbow...let your heart warm and just say hello to her and smile. There is no "forgetting" or putting it "in the past". But you can, with a lot of hard work, love and support from all of us, take the pain and heartache and turn it into a positive energy."

"Caroline will always be your first baby and always be your daughter. I know you didn't get to share a lifetime with her. But she shared a lifetime with the only person she knew and that was you! She lived happy and warm and got to be nurtured by the only person that could love her the most and that is you! She knew she was adored every day. You became a mother the day you found out she was growing inside your little tummy. You'll always be a mother! And no one can take that away from you ever!"

"I pray for your strength, I cry for you, and I smile every time I think about how your email told about Caroline having Daddy's ears. I can relate to many of your posts...the one about how life is uncertain....so true...I never take a minute for granted anymore now that I know how quickly our "plans" can change and life can take you down a road you have never imagined...Caroline has given you a gift. Because of Caroline, you know how quickly life can change, you know life is short, you know life is beautiful. You hurt more deeply than ever now, but someday, because you know how deep sadness feels, you will feel great happiness too. You know that you can't have one without the other. When the time is right, and you and Nick do have your second child, that child will be loved more than most children because he/she is so wanted and appreciated. The things you know now are something most people never learn."

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