Sunday, April 13, 2008

Always with me

Would you believe me if I told you all of this happened yesterday? It did!

~ I was shopping in TJ Maxx and a woman was browsing through the racks next to me. Her daugher was playing with her by hiding in the clothes. (She was really quite funny.) The mom played along and before I knew it I heard her saying,"Caroline, where are you? Uh oh, I cannot find Caroline." She then popped out of the clothes giggling at us both.

~ Then while I was at a baby shower they were playing music and guessed it Sweet Caroline came on.

~ Last night I took a wrong turn and realized the street name was indeed Caroline St. I guess it wasn't really a wrong turn but instead another reminder. I have driven this road millions of times before and never even noticed the sign.

~ Finally, when I came home I watched The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I read that book last summer when I was pregnant and completely forgot until watching the movie last night-one of the main characters name is Caroline.

After all of those 'signs' I was once again reminded that she really is still right here with me.

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