Friday, May 2, 2008


Oh my sweet angel baby... how I wish those little feet could walk with us tomorrow.
I know you will be watching over us. I never imagined that your little life would have such an impact on us all. People say things happen for a reason...I know losing you was all part of the grand plan, but...I hesitate to say I know 'the reason'. What I can say for certain though is- I know I was meant to help others because of what happened to us...we have raised over $8000 in YOUR memory, Caroline. I know that I would never have been involved in this effort if it wasn't for you. Tomorrow we will 'kick off' the walk as the highest fundraising family team at the walk... all for you baby girl, all for you.

This is an excerpt from the scrapbook page I made for the Memory Wall tomorrow.

Our Story:
We were married in November 2006. A little over 6 months later, we found out I was pregnant! We were surprised that it happened so quickly, but also very thrilled about God’s plan for us to become a family! I had a very easy and “normal” pregnancy. I never suffered from morning sickness and followed all of the doctor’s orders. At our 20 week sonogram, we found out we were having a baby girl. She was quite active during the sonogram. In fact, it was even difficult for the technician to snap her picture for us because of her wiggles. Her aunt, Meghan, and both of her grandmothers were there and even swore she waved to them. We never imagined that these overactive movements would later harm her. At our 23 week appointment, the doctor listened to the heartbeat and everything seemed to be fine. I am so thankful that Meghan was with me at that appointment and she was able to hear Caroline’s heartbeat, as this was the last time we would be able to. Prior to our 25 week checkup, I recognized a decrease in her movement. I called the doctor with my concerns, but I was assured that it was still too early in my pregnancy to be able to ‘kick count’ and it was likely that everything was just fine. Deep in my heart, I knew there was something wrong. At our 25 week appointment, my fears were confirmed. Our doctor was unable to detect our baby girl’s heartbeat. After a sonogram, which was also unable to detect it, we were sent on to the hospital to confirm that she indeed had died in the womb.
Caroline McKenzie Klug was still born on October 23, 2007. The doctor found that Caroline died of a cord accident. Her cord was twisted many times very close to where it was attached to her tiny body. When I first saw Caroline, I was amazed at how much she looked like her daddy. She was a beautiful, little angel baby. During the time we spent with her, we had her baptized. All four of her grandparents, her aunts and uncle got to hold her and say goodbye to her. Caroline really was so perfect, and although we would have never chosen this outcome, losing her made us love her even more than we ever imagined possible. There is no doubt in my mind that it is God who surrounded us with the many gifts of love and support we were blessed with during this loss. I am so very thankful to be able to honor the memory of our daughter today at this March for Babies.


Emily said...

I pray you found peace and purpose in your March for Babies today and that Caroline's sweet spirit filled your day.

Carrie said...

your scapbook journaling is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing...

thinking of you always,