Sunday, May 11, 2008

Misery Loves Company

You know those expressions- "You don't know how a person feels until you are in their shoes." I try really hard to remember that I don't know how it feels to be the person talking to me about my loss. Really, I don't know how I would feel or what I would say if I had never been here and was talking to someone who is "in my shoes". I know that people have good intentions and while they mean well... they truly don't know how it feels unless you have been there. People say dumb things. Last week someone said to me, "So isn't there anything they can do next time to prevent that from happening again?" Hello- If it WAS preventable the last time don't ya think they would have indeed prevented it!? If I had a dime for everytime someone has said one of the following things to me/us, I would be a millionaire.
"You guys are young and you will have more kids..."
"at least you know you can get pregnant..."
"everything happens for a reason"
"you have a little angel looking down on you now..."

So on this day, Mother's Day, I believe my emotions can only be understood by those mothers who have stories that look somehow like mine. Only they really get it. So to Emily, Boothe, Hannah, Angie, Molly, Chrissy
I know that you, like me, are missing your little one on this mother's day. You are in my prayers on this day and please know that I am grateful to each of you for sharing your pain, your story, and your faith with me. Knowing someone 'gets me' in all of this, that someone shares the same emotions I have makes me feel a lot less alone, and a lot less crazy too.


Chrissy said...

I get it. I get you. And I feel your same pain. I cry with you and I cry for you. I miss my baby girl just as much as you do today...and the 23rd...we share that too. Thinking of you now. Praying for you always. Love, Chrissy

bookworm said...

Thinking of you this Mother's Day too...
praying for strength, peace, acceptance, and *even* JOY--because I know that our God has this in store for us...

Emily said...

I'm right here beside you, sweet friend.