Friday, May 16, 2008

You Get Me

So a few posts ago I said only other moms that had been through this really 'get me' and then.... I heard this on the radio.
(pause the music player at the bottom of the screen to listen to this...)

You Get Me

Wonderful is what I percieved this life would be
Pain and problem free
But over time I found reality
And through it all I see
That You're the only One who gets me

I may be misunderstood `cause I wouldn't ever fake it
You're the only One who understands my pain
`Cause You get me
Doesn't matter what they do, what they think, what they say
At the end of the day I'm okay, anyway
`Cause Lord, You get me

No more tears
It's a silent night
You've broken down all fear
`Cause You've invaded all of me
You know me better than I know myself
The key to my security
There is no one else who gets me


I don't care what the world may say
I hear You call me by name
And I reach for You, reach for You
There is nothing that I'd rather do
Than just worship You, Lord
I'm gonna worship You, worship You

I'm okay, I'm okay
I'm okay, I'm okay


You understand me so completely
Now I am free, Lord, You get me

1 comment:

Kirsten said...


So true! I'm so thankful that God "gets me" and for all the other people He is bringing into my life who "get me" too. I wish that it didn't take something so painful to get my attention about what a treasure each person is. Better late than never.

Thank you for the comment on my blog. It is such a blessing to know that we are not alone.

Hang in there. We can walk this road together. God bless you today!